Show #264


Take a deep breath, cover your face and go outside. It’s a little dusty out there, but if the rest of the snow melts (again), it should be cleanup season (formerly known as “spring”) soon enough.

Once you come back in, take off your mask, pour yourself some tea, put on your favourite pair of headphones and keep listening to 91.3 FM from 4:00 to 6:00.

The light:
1. Milk & Bone – New York
2. The Gaslamp Killer – Seven Years Of Bad Luck
3. Niyaz – Sahar
4. iqtu – Candor Faction
5. The Cat Empire – Brighter Than Gold
6. Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line
7. Father John Misty – Strange Encounter
8. Sonny Rollins – God Bless The Child
9. Billie Holiday – Billie’s Blues
10. Billie Holiday – God Bless The Child

The dark:
11. Wynton Marsalis Septet – Linus & Lucy
12. Brad Turner Quartet – Punchy
13. John Coltrane – Soul Eyes
14. Steve Martin & Edie Brickell – Siamese Cat
15. Leonard Cohen – Going Home
16. Dirty Dozen Brass Band – We Got Robbed
17. The Dissociatives – Forever And A Day
18. Sarah Slean – Mary
19. Bobby Broom – Old Devil Moon

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