Show #275


Stevie Wonder

Back in full effect, my rhymes are funky fresh.
You know you’re rocking with the best when you feel it in your chest.
The bass hits boom, as I shake shake the room.
Bet you never knew that I could still rock it, even though I’m now a groom.

Yes yes y’all. DJ C-Note in the Haaaaoouse.

I’m only partly sorry for that intro. Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for several styles of music that have little or nothing to do with this clearly far too mega blog post.

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No Show / Just Married


It’s true, I’ve set aside the single life for a pretty lady with curls, who sings all the time. While the record-slinging bachelor you loved and admired may be gone, the married old man who types in his place will return to kick that funky music next week.

For now… It’s some much-needed time away.

Until next week.