What Planet Is This?! Has One Show Left!

What Planet Is This?! Last Show Event Page

It hasn’t been an easy decision to make, but the time has come to be moving on. After six solid years on the air, I’ve decided to give What Planet Is This?! a rest.

I love doing the show! It’s always a welcome reprieve in my week. That said, my life is crazy busy. I mean way too crazy busy. I’ve been putting in 18-20-hour days for years now, and I just can’t handle it anymore, so I’m cutting down on everything for the time being – even things I love doing.

Couple this with the impending doom of winter, and bearing in mind I’m a winter busser, the thought of waiting around for transfers in -1000° for another year is just not calling to me, this time around.

It is my hope to maybe, one day, pick up the show again, at some evening time slot. I get the feeling I’ll miss spinning my jazz records on the air after a while.

In the meantime, if you feel the loss of my voice on the radio is too much to bear, rest assured that I intend to continue co-hosting my late-night CJTR program, Operation Manatee (operationmanatee.ninja). You should check it out, if you’re into staying up late and listening to noisy things, as I am.

As for WPIT?!, you have one chance left. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00. I’m pulling out all the stops, bringing out the big guns!

As for whatplanetradio.com, twitter.com/whatplanetradio, and facebook.com/whatplanetradio, I’m going to keep blogging about music stuff, so keep coming back for what is sure to be the best thing to happen to music blogging since people discovered they needed no web skills to run a blog.

What Planet Is This?! Last Show Event Page

Show #284: Radiothon 2015 Playing For Pledges + Long-Play Wednesday!

It’s Radiothon, once again, and do I ever have a treat for you!

Not only is it the last Wednesday of the month all-vinyl special, not only will I be stepping up my game even more, in the name of Radiothon, but for every pledge of $25 or more that is called in during WPIT?!, I will personally play you a live saxophone solo! No tricks, no pre-record. Actual live sax, on the air, just for you. Heck, I’ll even do it in the style you want, and requests are perfectly welcome*!

This is your big chance, folks. Want to dedicate something sultry to your sweetie? Want to get some live funk in your trunk? Call 306-525-7274 during the show (4:00 to 6:00 PM), and get just that!

Don’t forget about all those sweet, sexy gifts, draws, and prizes up for grabs!

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00, turn it way up, and call in to pledge your support to Regina’s community radio station! Make it count, y’all!

*No Kenny G, ever. Seriously. Not funny.

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Special Show Announcement: Radiothon 2015, Wednesday, September 30!

As you know, as a Regina Community Radio listener, Radiothon is on, this week. This is that time of year where we count on you, the listener, to get out that credit card, and give back to Regina’s most diverse radio station. To sweeten the deal, we programmers tighten up our game and bring something special to you for the week.

Tune in this Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00, and get out that wallet, because besides being the all-vinyl Long-Play Wednesday special, for every minimum $25 pledge called in during What Planet Is This?!, I will be playing a personalized sax solo – just for you, made up on the spot!  You know how I roll – we’re talking about some live jazz, live funk, maybe something on the smooth side.  Your choice.

Then again, if you pledge earlier, you get in on more giveaways…

Full Radiothon details.

WPIT?! Cancelled For This Week

Yet again, I find myself defeated by evil microscopic entities. As a result, I reluctantly stay locked up at home, drinking plenty of liquids and watching cartoons on Crunchyroll.

Be sure to tune back in next week, for the biggest Radiothon Special yet! I assure you, not even death will stop me from bringing you some quality, fun, and maybe slightly odd programming.

Til next week…

No Show / Just Married


It’s true, I’ve set aside the single life for a pretty lady with curls, who sings all the time. While the record-slinging bachelor you loved and admired may be gone, the married old man who types in his place will return to kick that funky music next week.

For now… It’s some much-needed time away.

Until next week.

Regina Community Radio Annual Music Garage Sale


Yay! It’s that time again! Regina’s largest music garage sale is officially less than a month away.

Now is the time to donate your quality vinyl, CDs, music DVDs, sheet music, musical instruments, and working stereo equipment!  Bring to the station ASAP – 1102 8th Ave, 3rd floor of the GMC building, or call CJTR for pickup: 306-525-7274

The sale is on June 6th. See you there!

Show #249.5: What Planet Is On Holidays?!


Cloud Gate, Chicago, Illinois

I’m out of town for a bit, visiting the Windy Apple. Fear not, though. When CJTR pulled some strings and called some favours, they were able to get a VIP to fill in for the time slot. The infamous Cory Paetsch (of Operation Manatee infame) will be taking over today, from 4:00 to 6:00, so be sure to tune in to this momentous occasion, and you’ll hear from me again soon!

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