Special Show Announcement: Radiothon 2015, Wednesday, September 30!

As you know, as a Regina Community Radio listener, Radiothon is on, this week. This is that time of year where we count on you, the listener, to get out that credit card, and give back to Regina’s most diverse radio station. To sweeten the deal, we programmers tighten up our game and bring something special to you for the week.

Tune in this Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00, and get out that wallet, because besides being the all-vinyl Long-Play Wednesday special, for every minimum $25 pledge called in during What Planet Is This?!, I will be playing a personalized sax solo – just for you, made up on the spot!  You know how I roll – we’re talking about some live jazz, live funk, maybe something on the smooth side.  Your choice.

Then again, if you pledge earlier, you get in on more giveaways…

Full Radiothon details.


WPIT?! Cancelled For This Week

Yet again, I find myself defeated by evil microscopic entities. As a result, I reluctantly stay locked up at home, drinking plenty of liquids and watching cartoons on Crunchyroll.

Be sure to tune back in next week, for the biggest Radiothon Special yet! I assure you, not even death will stop me from bringing you some quality, fun, and maybe slightly odd programming.

Til next week…

Show #280 +Long-Play Wednesday

Finally, it’s the last Wednesday of the month (all vinyl for two hours), and despite feeling like a long time since the last one, it also feels like time is flying on by. Did you know that Regina Public Schools begin the fall semester tomorrow? What happened to my summer? What happened to good days and live music in the sun? Don’t tell me I have to go through another winter in a few months…

You know what I always say: at least there’s good music. Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for all vinyl on the radio.

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Show #279

It’s good to be in Regina. There’s always live music around, it’s still warm enough to not cry when you leave the house, we have a bigger and bigger farmer’s market every year, bikes are becoming more and more common with the 20-35 crowd, there are tons of great, relatively new arts venues… I like it.

A natural thing to do when you’re feeling good, I think, is to listen to some good music. Whether you’re feeling good or just want to feel good, tune in from 4:00 to 6:00, 91.3 FM
in Regina, and on the CJTR app for Android and iOS, and enjoy.

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