Regina Folk Festival Night One

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

It’s finally here! It’s finally here! It’s finally here!

Tonight is the first night of Folk Fest and I’m very excited for a weekend of live music! I’ve been looking forward to this since last year. Regina doesn’t have as many festivals as, say, Edmonton (and they’re certainly not as large) but the few we have are fantastic and I dare say the RFF is my favourite – closely followed by the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

Tonight’s schedule (available on is as follows…

7:00pm – 7:45pm FRED PENNER
7:45pm – 8:00pm Shotgun Jimmie
8:00pm – 8:30pm BRAIDS
8:30pm – 8:45pm Cris Derksen
8:45pm – 9:30pm ETRAN FINATAWA
9:30pm – 9:45pm Slow Down, Molasses
9:45pm – 10:45pm ANDREW BIRD
10:45pm – 11:00pm Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
11:00pm – 11:45pm KT TUNSTALL

Look for me when you get down there. I’ll be wearing my cool new straw fedora, a striped white and brown shirt with a collar, light beige pants and brown leather old man shoes. I’ll be somewhere near the front singing along with Fred Penner and whistling along with Andrew Bird. If you see anyone who fits that description, come say, “Hi!”

2-Hour Regina Folk Festival Special featuring Festival Director, Sandra Butel!

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday. Yours, truly will be out on assignment, but filling in this week is none other than the director of Regina’s favorite music festival; Ms. Sandra Butel. She’ll be giving you the down-low on this year’s festival including info on some of the artists who will be at the festival, what to bring, how the festival works and more. Who knows? She may even have a surprise guest or two in store. Tune in this Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 for all of your RFF needs!

I’ll be back on August 3rd with a spectacular program lined up to make up for lost time in July. Check back for details!

2011 Regina Folk Festival Line-up Announced!

Taj Mahal with guitar

Taj Mahal with guitar (1968)

Wow! The Regina Folk Fest line-up was announced this morning and I already can’t wait to get a ticket!

I was excited when I heard Andrew Bird is coming. I was surprised and impressed when I heard k.d. lang is coming. I was proud to find out that Regina’s own Jeffery Straker is performing. I was delighted to hear that we’re getting Fred Penner, Hawksley Workman, Coeur de Pirate and Dan Mangan. Finally, my jaw hit the floor when I heard we’re getting blues and folk legend Taj Mahal! What?

And those are just some of the highlights that piqued my personal interest! The list goes on from there to include: KT Tunstall, Shakura S’Aida, The Sojourners, Marco Calliari and on and on!

The Folk Fest is never dull, but I think they may have reached a new height this year! I can’t wait to get tickets!